Organising Committee ECF BG 2016

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Cristian DUCU, PhD
ECF BG Co-Chair

Cristian is the General Manager of the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics, an independent Integrity Auditor (Organisations, Supply Chains, Products) and mostly an Ethics & Compliance expert working multinationals and governmental bodies. He can be reached for anything related to partnerships for the 2016 Bulgarian Ethics & Compliance Forum.

ECF BG Co-Chair

Simona MEHEDINTU, M.A. cand.
Communication Coordinator

Simona is the main interface for both the European Ethics & Compliance Forum, the Bulgarian Ethics & Compliance Forum, and Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum, but she also works for the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics. If you need any details about these events, if you want to get our newsletter or publish something about our guests and hosted presentations, let her know. If you want to participate as media representative, first use the special form available here.

Content Specialist

Liviu is specialized in Public Administration Ethics and Sustainability and works in a Romanian public institution. He is an editor for the “Ethics & Compliance Magazine” and his ethics expertise is put to work especially in developing content for all Ethics & Compliance Forums we organize.